On the occasion of the upcoming Easter holidays, we are pleased to inform you that LIC “Saglasie” AD has launched an EASTER CAMPAIGN.



Term of the campaign (date of signing the contracts): 01.03.2021 - 31.05.2021

Summary of the campaign:

  • Concluding a long-term life insurance, i.e.

     - Classic Life Endowment Insurance

     - Unit-Linked Life Insurance "Fondpolica"

     - Child Insurance

  • With insurance period starting on 01.04.2021, 01.05.2021 or 01.06.2021
  • The Policyholder receives individual Accident Insurance with package coverage with sum insured BGN 5,000 (Security Package)

Who can be insured under this campaign:

  • Individuals aged from 14 to 70 years
  • Individuals aged over 70 years are not insured
  • Individuals with permanently reduced working capacity or degree of disability 50% and over 50% are not insured
  • Individual Insurance "Accident" with package coverage cannot be concluded by Legal Entities


Covered risks and sum insured under the "SECURITY" Package:

  • Sum insured: BGN 5,000
  • Covered risks:

     - Death due to an accident

     - Permanently reduced working capacity or disability due to an accident

     - Temporary disability due to an accident

     - Daily payment for hospitalization resulting from an accident


Insurance period of individual “Accident” insurance with package coverage

  • Insurance period - 1 year
  • Enters into force together with the concluded long-term Life insurance on the 1st date of the respective month


Additional information about the campaign or LIC “Saglasie” AD other life insurance products can be received in any of our offices.