LIC "Saglasie" has launched a new CAMPAIGN "20X".

  • Campaign duration
    - 01.02 - 31.05.2023 (four months)


  • Subject of the campaign:
- Individual Risk "Life" insurance (basic and additional coverages)
- 20% lower premium (20% discount on the total annual premium)
- Term of the insurance – 1 year
- Sum insured under basic coverage - minimum BGN 5,000.
- Minimum total annual premium before discount - BGN 25, not including a security fund of BGN 0.70.
  • Covered risks:

Basic coverage:
- Death due to accident or illness


Additional coverages (optional):

- Death due to  an accident
- Permanently reduced or lost ability to work due to an accident
- Permanently reduced or lost ability to work due to occupational disease or general illness
- Temporary incapacity due to an accident
- Temporary incapacity due to an occupational disease or general illness
- Medical expenses as a result of an accident


  • Insured persons:
- Individuals aged from 14 to 65 years, incl.
- Persons with permanently reduced or lost working capacity of 50% and over 50% may not be insured.

For more information and personal offer, you may contact our sales representatives at the offices of LIC “Saglasie”.




In recent years, we have all realized how precarious our daily lives are. How one disease turned the whole world upside down. Yes, we cannot control  events, but we can control the financial consequences of them .

Our company LIC “Saglasie” wants to get started and help with the choice!

Risk Life insurance provides an opportunity in today's dynamic world, full of dangers and unforeseen events, to secure a future and peace of mind. The Insurance provides security in relation to various risks threatening our health and life due toaccident, occupational disease or general illness, at an extremely affordable price. In the event of a risk covered by the policy, the insurer or his heirs receive compensation in accordance with the chosen insurance amount. The effect of the insurance protection is for a certain period of time and is terminated after the expiry of the policy.