“My Childhood” campaign



Dear parents,


The LIC “Saglasie” team wants to provide a secure and bright future for our children.

Together we can lead them to a better life and keep their smiles!

LIC “Saglasie” EAD continues the campaign “MY CHILDHOOD” to 30.06.2016.


Campaign conditions:

  • Campaign period is active from 01.01.2016 to 30.06.2016. For each “Child Insurance” concluded during the campaign the policyholder shall not pay the first premiums amounting to 150 BGN (75 EUR) due for the main covers of the insurance.
  • Insured persons may be children from 0 to 17 years, as the insurance period is from 8 to 25 years (minimum age at the end of the policy – 18 years)
  • Policyholder may be an individual (parent, guardian, relative, etc.) or a legal entity.

Child insurance benefits:

  • Insurance provides maximum security and guarantee for a better future of our children.
  • You can determine the amount to be accumulated and when exactly the child will be able to operate with it.
  • Concluding Child Insurance enables you to profit from any annual yield on the accumulated funds.
  • The installments can be changed depending on your needs and requirements.
  • Possibility to invest your savings in a single installment for a better future of your child.
  • You may choose additional covers to extend the security.


You can get more detailed information about the campaign in our offices.


Gift with a smile; make a dream come true with Child Insurance!