Child Insurance



Child Insurance provides to parents the opportunity to ensure financial security for the most important moments in their children’s life – attaining majority, graduating university, buying a car, initial installment for their own home, etc.

Child insurance is a great gift from relatives of a newborn child, e.g. grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, etc. They could ensure financially the new family member by providing him/her with good education or confident financial start on attaining majority.

Child Insurance can be concluded for children aged from 0 to 22 years at the beginning of the insurance contract.


Main covers of the insurance:

  • Survival of the insured person the ending date of the insurance cover
  • Permanently reduced working capacity or degree of disability of the insured person over 50% due to an accident occurred during insurance cover period


Additional covers of the insurance:

  •  Waiver of premiums in case of death or permanently reduced working capacity of the policyholder over 50%, caused by accident during insurance cover period
  •   Temporary disability of the insured person due to an accident
  •  Temporary disability of the insured person due to common disease
  •  Permanently reduced working capacity or disability of the insured person due to common or infectious disease
  • Death of the Insured – for persons over age of 14 years


Insurance period: from 3 to 25 years

Payment terms: single payment or yearly premiums that can be deferred to a monthly, quarterly and a six-monthly installments.

Currency: EUR / BGN

Territorial range: worldwide


  • Child Insurance provides maximum security and guarantee for your children’s life and future.
  •  By paying small monthly installments you can accumulate significant capital for your child.
  •  You plan forward accumulated amount and the exact time your child will have it available - when reaching the age of majority, for continuing education or for the first attempts at entrepreneurship.
  •  Strengthening the insurance protection of the child by adding additional covers.
  •  Additional protection in case of adverse circumstances with Policyholder - provided by additional insurance "Exemption from payment of premiums"
  • Child Insurance provides opportunity to increase the initial sum insured with any distributed annual income from invesments.
  • The proceeds and benefits are exempt from taxation.