Unit-linked Life insurance "FONDPOLICA"


Life can be so unpredictable and uncertain. Everyone of us at least once in his life has questioned himself what will my family do if the worst happens with me or if I wouldn’t be able to keep the same standard of living. Life insurance is a flexible and affordable way to secure financial support in risk situations concerning your health and ability to work.

With “Fondpolica” you can:

  • Transfer the potential financial risk associated with Your health condition from Your family to the insurance company;
  • Plan the financial security and future of Your children and Yourself;
  •  Use legally regulated tax preferences;
  • Raise your standard of living in retirement.



Fondpolica is financial product that integrates the advantages of life insurance and investing in investment funds and provides access to both insurance protection and capital markets. Policyholder takes decisions about its policy investment profile and can choose between investment funds or investment packages with different risk profile and different opportunity for yield.

The main feature of Unit-linked Life insurance is the fact that part of the insurance premium is invested in mutual funds specified by the policyholder.  The advantages of investing in these funds over investing by Yourself are professional management, opportunity to invest in more financial instruments while the associated risk and costs are split between all investors.

 Fondpolica gives You the opportunity to benefit from insurance protection during the insurance contract and to invest in accordance with Your risk profile.

Fondpolica covers the following risks:

Survival – the value of the investment units shall be paid after the insured person outlive the end of the covered period;

• Death of the insured person – the amount payable is the higher of the following two: guaranteed sum insured or value of the assets, accumulated in the investment account.



LIC “Saglasie” AD provides to Fondpolica clients possibility  for additional protection:


 Additional Insurance “Accident”
Additional Insurance “Critical Illness”



Insured persons: Persons in good health aged 14 to 65 years at the beginning of the insurance contract.

The insurance can be individual or mutual. Mutual insurance can be concluded by two persons on their related lives in case of insurance interest /spouses,  stable non-marital partners, relatives or business partners /.


Term of insurance: from 10 to 30 years.


Payment: single payment or in installments


Currency: BGN or EUR


Territorial Coverage: worldwide

Fondpolica provides customers also the opportunity using indexation option to protect the purchasing power of money invested.

During the validity of the insurance You can:

  •   change or divide savings part of the premium between different investment funds;
  •   change  sum insured;
  •  change the ratio between risk part and savings part of the insurance premium.


Important: This product is designed to provide customers long-term protection and investment. Given the specifics of unit-linked Life insurance , early termination of such policy is likely to have unfavorable reflection on investment performance.