Classic endowment life insurance



Main purpose of the endowment life insurance is insured persons to save money for their future objectives and to provide financial security for them and their families in case that insurance event occurrs.

This product is designed for customers who find it important to save and to have insurance cover at the same time. Savings part of the premium paid by the client is invested by LIC “Saglasie” EAD in financial instruments. Positive financial results are distributed as bonuses to each individual endowment insurance contract. The Board of Directors of the Company considers the decision to allocate additional yield. After expiry of the insurance the client receives a guaranteed insurance amount plus any yield accumulated during the insurance period.

The product offers the following covers:

• On survival – payment of a fixed sum insured

• Death of the insured person during the insurance period – payment of the full sum insured to the beneficiaries specified in the contract


Life insurance provides flexible conditions for additional protection which customers can choose and add to their insurance:

Guaranteed sum insured is determined by age, premium and term of the insurance contract. The payment of the insurance premium depends on the clients preferences: single or deferred to annual, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly installments. Minimum age for conclusion of insurance contract is 14 years and the maximum age is 65 years. Insured person should not exceed 75 years at expiry of the insurance. Insurance may be an individual insurance (for one person) and mutual insurance (for two persons). The insurance policy can be concluded in following currencies: BGN or EUR.