Classic endowment life insurance


The main purpose of Endowment Life Insurance is insured persons to save money for their future objectives and to provide financial security for them and their families in case that insurance event occurs. This product is designed for customers who find it important to save at low investment risk.


 The product offers the following covers:

Survival of the insured person the ending date of the insurance cover – the agreed sum insured and distributed bonus (if any) shall be paid

Death of insured person during the insurance cover period –the agreed sum insured and distributed bonus (if any) shall be paid to the beneficiaries


Life insurance provides flexible conditions for additional protection. Customers can choose and add to their insurance:

Insured persons: Persons in good health aged from 14 to 65 years at the beginning of the insurance contract.

The insurance can be individual or mutual. Mutual insurance is an insurance contract concluded by two persons on their related lives in case of insurance interest /spouses, stable non-marital partners,  relatives or business partners/.


Insurance period: from 5 to 25 years


Payment terms: single payment or yearly premiums that can be deferred to a monthly, quarterly and a six-monthly installments


Currency: EUR / BGN


Territorial range: worldwide


Advantages of life insurance:

  • Insurance protection;
  • Opportunity for long-term investment and planning of financial security in the future;
  • Benefit from tax preferences according to Bulgarian legislation;
  • Sum insured is exempt from execution.